Do I need to have a team?

To participate in #AllStartup and have the opportunity to found your own Startup you do not need to have a team. Sign up and, if you are selected to participate in the event, you will have an opportunity to meet other talented entrepreneurs with whom you can form a team. After the event, if you are selected, Demium Startups will invite you to participate in its incubation program.

Do I need to have an idea?

No. At Demium we focus on entrepreneurial talent rather than the business idea. We believe that what really characterises an entrepreneur is the ability to move forward with an idea, execute it and overcome all the challenges that arise along the way.

Who decides on the idea?

Once the incubation program begins, we analyse and propose, together with the entrepreneurs, business opportunities based on successful models in other countries and market trends to develop them following an agile methodology based on Lean Startup.

In any case, the founding team is the one who decides on the idea. Entrepreneurs should identify with the idea they are going to develop and choose the one that they are most passionate about.

What can I do if I have an idea?

Once you are selected to participate in the Demium Startups incubation program, you can propose your business idea and then it can be evaluated.

Can I be an Entrepreneur and create a Startup if I am already working?

Without total dedication to the project it is very difficult to be successful and win the confidence of investors. Based on this fact, we adapt to the situation of each person.

Who makes the teams?

In the #AllStartup the candidates choose among themselves to create the teams. Once the incubation program begins, Demium Startups will suggest the ideal profiles to complete each team, but it is the founding team that makes the decisions.

Does Demium Startups invest money in projects?

There is no initial investment in the projects. However, we offer access to Demium Startups' own investment network and intensive help in the search for a round of seed capital investment. We have partners from the main national investment funds (Cabiedes, Bonsai, Big Sur, Bankinter), and they share the main business angels with us. 100% of the startups that have been set up have received investment.
In addition, the incubation program ends with the creation of a board of advisors that will continue to support the team of entrepreneurs throughout the life of the startup.

What are my obligations during the program?

Fulfill the weekly objectives agreed together with the incubation director. In addition, to attending at least 80% of the Demium Academy courses.

Where does the incubation program take place?

Winners of #AllStartup will have the right to access any of Demium Startups’ sites, regardless of where the event took place. By default, the winners will participate in the incubation program of the city in which it took place, but may choose another due to the needs of the team itself.

What happens after the program?

The relationship with Demium Startups continues, being at this point especially focused on achieving investment. The program ends with the creation of a Board of Advisors that will continue supporting the team of entrepreneurs throughout the life of the Startup.

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an idea but don't have a team? Do you have a team but don't have an idea?

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