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How do we do it?

We create startups from scratch. To participate it isn’t necessary to have a team or an idea.
Through the AllStartup, we identify the best entrepreneurial talent and connect it to create a “Dream Team”.

Once the incubation program begins, we analyse and propose, together with the entrepreneurs, business opportunities based on successful models in other countries and market trends to develop them following an agile methodology based on Lean Startup.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs


Finding a Dream Team is complicated. The AllStartup is a unique opportunity designed to quickly find you a committed and talented co-founder.

The common links are the passion for entrepreneurship, the desire to create your own company and nonconformity. We have extensive experience in looking for talented founders in the areas of Business, Marketing and Technology, the basic pillars of a Startup.

At the event, participants create balanced teams and develop a business idea proposed by Demium Startups. In only 3 days, they live the excitement of developing and launching a startup, receiving training and specialised advice in order to achieve it.

On the last day of the event, it’s time to make the pitch before the jury finally comes. The best candidates will be selected to participate in the launch program of Demium Startupsfor 6 months.

25 entrepreneurial minds
6 teams
10 business opportunities
4 training sessions
60 hours
1 winning team

Upcoming events

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Incubation program

Through our 6 month incubation program, we will provide the resources, the methodology and the necessary tools to help you build your “Dream Team”, validate your business idea, create an MVP, identify the product-market fit, launch a scalable solution and receive investment.

The incubation program consists of more than 90 hours of training, divided into practical face-to-face sessions, in different areas (Finance, Marketing, HR, Management, Product Development, UX/UI, Sales, Business Development, etc.), 1to1 sessions with top-level mentors, talks with leading entrepreneurs, access to a wide network of investors, collaborators and talent and connection with the rest of the entrepreneurs at similar or subsequent stages, which reduces the risk of embarking on a project alone .

The startups founded at Demium also have full training on financing, in-depth support and access to contacts within Demium investors network to get the necessary investment after the establishment of the company.


Based on Lean Startup, SCRUM and Agile, this is one of the assets of the program. It is a goal-oriented methodology and allows us to to accelerate the usual length of time required by a Startup.


We have offices focused 100% on developing innovative businesses in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Malaga, together with a vertically-integrated one dedicated to the video games sector (Demium Games) and another one dedicated to VR/AR (Oarsis).


Access to Demium Startup’s own investment network and in-depth support in the search for a seed funding round.


Practical, face-to-face sessions based on the Flipped Classroom method. Entrepreneurs work with the material via an online training platform in order to use class time for 100% practical sessions.


Mentoring plan staffed by a group of recognised professionals to address specific and diverse issues. In this way, startups will be able to move at a much faster pace and do so hand in hand with the best advisers.


A proactive working environment with the rest of the entrepreneurs on the incubation program and access to the Demium network of contacts.

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